"Our mission is assisting others toward a greater quality of life." R. Meals

The Freedom From Pain Place

WHOLE LIVING CONCEPTS practitioners offer massage, advanced soft tissue therapies, MPS, personal life coaching, nutritional coaching as well as chronic pain support for individuals suffering with chronic pain. When visiting with us, you are our priority. We spend time with you and get to know you. And you get to know us. As a result you have the comfort and assurance that you need to move forward in reaching your goals. We have been trained, certified, and licensed, in techniques and procedures that can provide relief from pain to many of our clients. Our success is when we see you smile when you have been relieved of your discomfort.

Once you reach a place of pain relief, we recommend continuing with regular appointment to maintain a higher quality of daily living. This is determined by you and our therapist to insure the best service for your needs.

At WHOLE LIVING CONCEPTS, we also provide services in the community. When asked, we take our services to skilled nursing homes, as well as rehabilitation centers. There are numerous forms of comfort care techniques and the ultimate goal is to provide a comforting and supportive touch to those who have trusted us with their care. Special off site rates do apply to these services.‚Äč